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IBT Media Kicks Off Programmatic Guaranteed Advertising Sales

NEW YORK, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In light of rising demand for programmatic advertising, IBT Media, a global digital news organization, today announced that it will be working with several platforms to offer programmatic guaranteed. This new approach to programmatic allows advertisers to directly buy inventory across IBT Media's network including Newsweek, International Business Times, Latin Times, Medical Daily and iDigital Times without the standard bidding process.

"Programmatic advertising has been critical to our business model and a leading revenue stream since we launched it last May," said Etienne Uzac, CEO and Co-Founder of IBT Media. "With programmatic guaranteed, we'll have the perfect mix of product and technology that will allow advertisers to optimize ad buys across our websites and reach over 90 million readers."

Programmatic guaranteed advertising sales will build on the current programmatic system that IBT Media has in place. Instead of bidding on advertising inventory, buyers will be assured of a set amount of potential ads with set pricing.

"We'll be able to guarantee that advertisers can connect to our diverse audience, whether its loyal readers of Newsweek or International Business Times, or even the more targeted groups following our medical vertical, Medical Daily, our tech-focused site, iDigital Times or the growing Latin audience of Latin Times," added Ana Browne, Programmatic Sales Director, IBT Media.

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