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Here Comes Newsweek's Ninth International Edition

Here Comes Newsweek's Ninth International Edition

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By Richard Horgan on May. 19, 2015 - 2:50 PMComment

Earlier this year, Newsweek EIC Jim Impoco told Keith J. Kelly that the magazine was "in the black." Although he chose not reveal the specific amount or time frame, he characterized that black ink as six figures.

Now there is another impressive Newsweek figure to make note of. When IBT Media launches a Czech-language edition this November in partnership with European publisher Business Consulting & Media Ltd. and that company's Czech division MediaRey SE, the publication will stand as Newsweek's ninth international edition.

From today's announcement:

"The Czech media market starves for quality content based on independent journalism and global experience," said Erik Conrad, co-founder of Business Consulting & Media. "We have spent quite a long time to find the best partner."

Ji?í Nádoba, senior editor at Forbes Czech Republic, is coming over to serve as editor-in-chief. The rest of the editorial team is still being developed.

Business Consulting & Media, headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, previously brought Forbes to the Czech Republic and several other European countries. It also publishes a magazine for the central Europe locations of Hertz as well as in-flight magazines for SkyEurope Airlines and Central Wings, a budget subsidiary of Poland's LOT Airlines.