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IBT Media Brings On New Chief Marketing Officer

NEW YORK, June 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- IBT Media, a global news organization, today announced that Mitchell Caplan has joined as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Caplan will be responsible for brand development and driving revenue through advertising programs. He will be based out of IBT Media's New York City headquarters and will report directly to CEO and Co-Founder, Etienne Uzac.

Caplan brings over 20 years of experience in brand strategy, client management, and building new business opportunity to IBT Media. He has worked at several large advertising and marketing companies, and has served as an advisor to several media and technology start-ups. Before joining IBT Media, Caplan was Chief Marketing Officer for Olson. He has also held the CMO role at McCann and Y&R.

As the new CMO for IBT Media, Caplan will first focus on brand development, working to cultivate the core purpose for each brand in addition to market positioning and audience targets. He will define what each brand is about and ensure that all initiatives within each property are consistent and appropriate.

"Mitchell is going to live and breathe our brands, digging deep into their meaning to redefine and narrow how we see them. Ultimately, everything that involves a given brand will have to go through this identity and match this vision," said Uzac. "His efforts will support development of strategy across the company's sites, apps, social and video content and even events."

In addition to building and establishing brand platforms, Caplan will also drive revenue by developing programs with like-minded advertisers that align well with each of IBT Media's publications.

"We'll have a dual revenue play between more traditional advertising sales platforms like programmatic, direct sales and sponsorships and what Mitchell will be working on - linking specific brands with our publications' values and fundamental identities," added Uzac. "He'll work directly with CMOs and other client marketing decision makers, and the major media agencies, to make these connections and find synergies between their brands and ours."

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