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IBT Media Redesigns Newsweek and International Business Times Websites Bringing Mobile Optimization and UX to the Forefront

New York, NY, December 10, 2015 (Newswire) -IBT Media, a global news organization, today announced a complete redesign for the websites of its two flagship brands, Newsweek and International Business Times. While each brands' website has a unique design and feel, they both boast more unified and dynamic template systems and are optimized for mobile and video. International Business Times' new site went live today and Newsweek's will go live in the coming weeks.

"To develop truly world-class brands we need to deliver a seamless experience to our readers across multiple touchpoints," said Richard Pasqua, Chief Experience Officer for IBT Media. "We have been extremely thoughtful in improving and optimizing the experience for our audience and our advertisers regardless of platform. Our readers will enjoy a more engaging user experience with outstanding readability. Our partners will benefit from sites designed with the ads as opposed to around them, meaning a clean, engaging environment for their messages."

We have been extremely thoughtful in improving and optimizing the experience for our audience and our advertisers regardless of platform.


Newsweek's website redesign will feature a new onlinevisual system which extends some of the print magazine's look and feel to digital. The site will have new typographical treatment, including larger headlines and larger image sizes, and will be optimized for mobile with stories that are easier to read and faster to download. The homepage will highlight more magazine articles, feature the magazine's cover image each week and include more room for integrated sponsorships. To facilitate a better experience for readers that are constantly scrolling, the site will include sticky navigation bars, a sticky social sharing bar and sticky ads on the homepage and all article pages.

"We expect our readers will find lots to like about this iteration of Newsweek, which combines sleek aesthetics and elegant online functionality," said Jim Impoco, Editor in Chief of Newsweek. "Since the homepage is no longer the front door for most readers we are treating every article like a homepage and offering an experience that allows them to see the breadth and depth of our reporting while easily sharing and engaging with our stories."

International Business Times' redesign also includes a new online visual system and a new logo for the brand that places and emphasis on the forward motion and forward thinking of its journalism. The new homepage features a streaming feed of stories on the left rail, space for dynamic markets graphics on the right, a central area for featured stories and the option for a breaking news bar at the top of the page. Article pages will include a longer "magazine" format for feature stories as well as a cleaner and simpler look for breaking news. All pages are optimized for mobile and video.

"International Business Times' new site sharpens the focus on our most ambitious and timely work while rendering photos, graphics and video in a more dynamic fashion," said Peter S. Goodman, Global Editor in Chief of International Business Times. "The creative minds in our newsroom are hugely excited to get their hands on new storytelling tools that will enrich the overall experience for our audience."

Other global editions of both Newsweek and the International Business Times will follow suit on the rebranding and redesign in 2016. For more information about IBT Media, visit ?

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