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Newsweek Announces Top Cancer Doctors for 2015

Newsweek Announces Top Cancer Doctors for 2015

Special Health Issue about Cancer Features List of Leading Specialists

New York, NY (July 23, 2015) - Newsweek, a premier weekly news magazine owned by IBT Media, today released a special health issue dedicated to exploring the state of cancer research and treatment in the world today. In addition to stories about cancer around the themes of innovation, alternative approaches and policy and society, the issue includes Newsweek Top Cancer Doctors 2015, a list of specialists across the country, created in partnership with Castle Connolly Medical LTD.

"We've tackled a broad spectrum of topics and angles of this so-called emperor of all maladies," said Jim Impoco, Editor in Chief of Newsweek. "This is a moment where Newsweek's award-winning brand of journalism and reporting can make an impact and help educate people about the current state of cancer."

Newsweek Top Cancer Doctors 2015 is a list of over 2,600 leading cancer specialists across the country arranged by location and specialty. The list was compiled through peer nominations and extensive research that Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. has conducted for more than two decades.

"This focused health issue allows Newsweek to highlight a topic that we feel deserves more attention and can hasten change in a positive way," added Johnathan Davis, Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder of IBT Media. "Our content in conjunction with our Top Cancer Doctors list make the cancer issue a must-read for the entire medical community as well as anyone who has been impacted by cancer."

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